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Lessons From the Mouse is written by someone who actually worked on Disney World’s rides, controlled the crowds at parades, and stood in the rain for hours telling guests Space Mountain was closed. At one point, Dennis Snow even had to reprimand Goofy for poor attendance. It is from this first-hand point-of-view that Snow peels away the veneer to show the day-to-day operation. Lessons includes things he learned from his early days as a front-line cast member to the business imperatives he lived as a member of the management team.

The Disney organization is not presented as perfect or infallible in this book. In fact, Snow humorously shares some of the company’s missteps. However, readers will see that the things Disney does well, it does very well. The proof is that Disney World is usually ranked the single most popular vacation destination on earth.
Lessons From the Mouse is constructed as a series of lessons because therein lies the secret to discovering Disney’s magic – understanding and applying these ideas every day in a disciplined way. The title of each chapter is a snapshot of the lesson within. The beginning of each chapter explains how a particular lesson was taught and reinforced when Snow worked at Disney World – and why it’s important. The lessons are then applied to various “real world” work situations. Each chapter ends with questions and ideas for implementing the lesson.

Readers can apply the principles in this book in several ways. Lessons From the Mouse can be used to raise the bar of individual performance, it can work as a guide for a series of staff meetings, or each chapter could be a training module for the entire organization. Many readers will just want to open the book periodically for a quick dose of inspiration. However you decide to use Lessons From the Mouse, the important thing is to put the lessons to work.
Over the past eight years Dennis Snow has helped organizations from all over the world apply the principles in this book – the principles he learned over his 20 years at Disney. The results for these companies have been positive: improved customer satisfaction; reduced employee turnover; and increased profitability. These lessons have proved to be applicable to any industry, any organization, and any job.

© Copyright 2008 Dennis Snow.